Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ezra turns five!

We celebrated sweet, smiley Ezra's 5th birthday this month. I found some pictures of most of his previous birthdays. First, the original Birth Day at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in Alaska.
Then, drooly boy turned 1 - also in Fairbanks.
All dressed up for his 2nd birthday. Still in Fairbanks but moving soon to South Carolina.
3rd birthday with the great teeth from his dentist. This was in South Carolina but his birthday was celebrated in Germany.
An Igel (hedgehog) crown for his 4th birthday from his Friesen Kindergarten group in Germany.
This year we moved from Germany to Virginia. Ezra is going to a great part-day preschool. We had "snack duty" during his birthday week. For his birthday snack, the boys helped me make cheese & grape spears.
We paired them with bananas, strawberries, and graham crackers for a festive, nutritious snack and added ice cream cups with colored candy sprinkles for some birthday fun.
While Ezra was at school, I decorated for his Spider Man birthday.
It feels like a party!
I got to Ezra's school a little early so I could spend some time at his school with him. He was excited to hang out with me.
Ezra, King Of The Playground!
Mrs. Nutbrown is Ezra's lovely Lunch Bunch (afternoon) class leader. She passed out the extra ice cream cups to Ezra's lunch bunch group. She is a native German speaker and has fun speaking German to Ezra to continue his language learning.
Ezra celebrated his birthday at school and we had a family party together that evening. We played Pin The Tail On The Donkey.
I made a chocolate cake and bought some Spider Man cupcakes.
Happy birthday, sweet Ezra. We love you!

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